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Boldly Growing Family

Boldly growing was created in when we were searching for a way to do a summer gardening project with our kids without tearing into our yard. We searched for a decent

container to plant in, but all we could find were plastic tubs and cheap seedling planters. That’s what we used the first summer, but we kept up the search for a better product. Our criteria was simple: we needed something sturdy, large enough to produce some actual food, and it had to look decent.

After weeks of searching, we finally decided to create our own product. After months of product design, testing, and prototyping, we arrived at the products you see on our website. We think they’re great, and hope you will enjoy them too!

Our company's goal is to deliver to our customers great value with planters that last for years. We strive for the excellent quality and use the most eco-friendly means possible to bring you a great product. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned small business and providing a product that gets people enjoying the outdoors.

We have a lot of happy customers and always try to produce quality items at an affordable price. We quality-check our production regularly, but occasionally a mistake will slip through. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know! We will try our absolute best to make things right. Feel free to reach out via the email at sales@boldlygrowing.co, on Facebook, or send a message using the form below. Thanks for giving us a chance to make things right!